Oh Baby, Baby!

I’ve only been in my new house for two weeks and already I must leave it.  I still have pictures to hang, furniture to paint and boxes to unpack, but these things will have to wait.  My baby girl, Isaaca Joy is having a baby.

I remember the day when I first realized that I was pregnant with her.  Bill was interviewing to be the school principal for Benny Hinn’s church in Orlando, Florida and we were staying at the Sheraton Inn in Maitland.  I felt a little queasy going down for breakfast that morning.  It was as if the elevator had jumbled up my stomach and confused my body.  I looked at the beautiful buffet spread before me and nothing looked enticing.  The coffee smelled wonderful but for some strange reason, I didn’t want any. Oh no!  Not want coffee?  That could only mean one thing!  I was pregnant.  Not wanting coffee was the same as taking a pregnancy test, for me.  It was my body’s first sign that a child was  “in the makin’.”

I sat down at the breakfast table and finally got the nerve up to tell Bill.  I sipped some water and leaned into to him as if I had a secret to share.

“I’m pregnant.”

“What?  You’re pregnant?”  He looked around the busy restaurant as if he was wondering if anyone had heard me say those two life changing two words; that if anyone heard them, it would make them true.   “How do you know?  How long have you known?”

“I just realized it.  I didn’t want coffee.  That’s a sure sign.  After four kids, I should know these things.”  A small smile worked it’s way up to my lips and I began shaking my head.   “Oh, my gosh! How in the world….  God help me!”

Bill just looked at me as my smile grew.  Anytime you pray for God’s help with a smile on your face you become God’s accomplice.    I could see his mind reasoning and processing the words we were speaking.  Life was once again changing.  We were moving to a new city and he was getting another job.  And now…another baby to add to our collection of madness.

“We’re going to the drug store after breakfast to buy a test and by this time tomorrow we’ll know for sure.  He started shaking his head too.  “We should have bought stock in the EPT Company, as many tests as you’ve taken.”

And then we laughed and I felt smug because I knew I was carrying a treasure inside of me and it was coming on the cusp of adventure.  Of a new season.  I felt like a pirate that had captured the chest of jewels,  precious gold and silver.  Our new season was also bringing forth new life.  Surely it was a sign that God’s hand was on us.

I imagined Bill and I walking around our new town, Orlando with God’s handprint stamped on our shoulders.  It was a pat on the back meaning, “You’ve done well.  I’m giving you a new assignment.”  It was the hand on the elbow, saying, “Here, let’s go this way.  Let Me steer you clear of that obstacle.”  It was a cupping of my chin.  “You can do this.  I would never give you a job that I didn’t think you were prepared for.”  It was His hand on my head, pronouncing the blessing, “I bless you my child.  Go and do the things I’ve put in your hands and mind to do”  If God’s hand was on us, we could conquer the world.  And somehow, this baby was the sign that we were in the right place, at the right time doing the exact thing we were supposed to be doing.

Isaaca Joy (her name meaning joy and laughter) was born before we finished out our first year in Orlando.  Her birth ushered in a ten year cycle for us in Florida.  Did you know that seasons or cycles, usually last for about ten years?


tiny dancer

Our time there was spent with Bill being a school principal at a rather large Christian school for three years.  We then “took it to the streets” and spent the next three years working with low income housing folks that needed unconditional love and acceptance.  The next three years were spent with the addicted homeless.  We fed them and opened our arms to them as we cultivated a “vineyard” in the middle of the red light section of Orlando.  The last year of that cycle we spent in Miami, Florida working with Hispanic Christians learning how to live as Americans.

We needed “joy and laughter” (Isaaca) to go with us as God led us by “His hand” in and out of each of these ministries.  What foresight God had to give us such an important gift as He lead us into  troubled areas of ministry.  Isaaca Joy!   “For the joy that was set before us…we endured…”

Now our Isaaca is having a baby girl.  She and Peter are about a week away from the big event and I wonder what message this child will bring from Heaven as they go into a new phase of their lives. They are pretty much sure that “Amelia Lynn” will be this wonder child’s name.  Her name will be of Latin and Old German descent, meaning industrious, striving or defender.  Does that mean that their new season will be a busy one as they “strive” to make their way in the world?  As they write music, produce songs from their studio and record music?  Will they need a defender as they go into the future?  Will they be defenders for those in need advocates in this season?


We will see as time unfolds, won’t we?  I know God’s hand will be upon Peter and Isaaca as they proceed into the unknown future.  But they won’t be afraid.  His hand will on their shoulders, showing them each turn in the road, each dip in the highway.

Meanwhile, I’m going to Nashville to wait for little “Millie” to be born.  She has quite a destiny to fulfill and  the whole world is waiting for her.


Here’s Bill and Izzy’s song… ENJOY!!






4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nancy Waters
    May 19, 2014 @ 22:46:33

    How sweet, Donna! I always love your writing. What a gift you have been given. I can’t wait to see pictures of little Millie. Praying all goes well, my friend.


    • themuseinme
      May 19, 2014 @ 23:01:45

      Thanks, Nancy! I don’t mind writing about our family. It’s a joy to me. I’ll make sure you all see Millie’s pictures when she arrives. You’ll probably get sick of all the pictures, haha.


  2. Alice Regan McLane
    May 21, 2014 @ 21:03:12

    Another beautiful and moving story. What a blessing baby Millie will be. She has got to be one of the luckiest babies in the world ….. joining the Byrd’s nest. So much love. Congratulations and continued blessings to all.


    • themuseinme
      Jun 12, 2014 @ 01:03:37

      Hi, Alice. I just saw your comment. I have been in Nashville watching Millie be born and living the first few weeks of her precious life. She’s amazing…and she’s loved… Continued blessings to you, too! 🙂


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