Counting on a New Year’s Evening


On the first night of this year, for some reason, I started counting:  counting how many

days until my fifty-seventh birthday (10 days),

counting how many excruciating hours it takes to get from Sneads Ferry to Nashville, Tennessee ( 12 hours if you allow yourself five pee stops),

counting how many miles are on my 2006 Expedition ( 120,000),

counting how much beloved change is in my change jar ( $62.38),

counting how many days until Isaaca’s (my youngest daughter’s) due date ( 152 days, I think),

counting how many birthday presents I’ll need to send for my children and their significant others this year ( 11(!) and that could change to 12 at any given moment),

counting how many days I have to renew my North Carolina’s driver’s license, ( 30 days…Ugh…I have to work on that next week),

counting how many pounds I’ve gained in the last three years and two months I’ve lived here in North Carolina (I hate to admit this but maybe…15? ┬áPlease don’t tell anyone),

counting how many months it will take to lose those pounds ( 2 or 3 if I don’t eat bread and starches and hardly anything else),

counting how many days until the beginning of the 2014 Season of “Downton Abby”( 4 days, Yay, Yay, Yay)!!!

counting how much it will cost to” shabby chic” paint a dresser I bought myself for Christmas ( $40 if I use the Annie Sloan Chalk paint I’d like to try),

counting how many hours it will take to get from my parent’s house in Tarboro to my house in Sneads Ferry, NC tomorrow if we leave bright and early ( 2 hours and 30 minutes),

counting all the blessing I’m dragging in from 2013 into this new year…( I lost count at 786 blessings and I’m really getting sleepy),

counting…I keep counting blessings…good night.

Here’s your song…



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