Three Things of Which I am Certain

It’s Valentine’s Day and I will write you a short message.  Love is in the air and I am certain of only a few things in this crazy world I live in.  First of all…God loves me in a way that embarrasses me.  He’s always flirting with me and drawing me into his world.  I can’t say ‘no’ to his huge strong arms and whispers of endearments . He’s driven to jealousy,  He is.  He doesn’t let me look at another and the secrets He lets me in on are precious.  I don’t say that like a Southern Belle, even though I may be one.  I say that like a soul that has been drawn by the most powerful magnet in the universe.  I am attached…physically, soulishly, divinely and psychically.  He has made His imprint upon me like a werewolf does when he sees the one he is attracted to for life.   What am I talking about?  I don’t even believe in werewolves.   That’s how supernatural His love is!   I cannot help myself.

Secondly, I know, that I know, my husband, Bill loves me.  He looked at me tonight and said, “You’ve got all the right things.”  What could I say to that?  Anything else would have been a slight.  A lesser complement.  I smiled, took his hand and said, “You are everything I need.”  I know… It wasn’t clever but it was from the heart.

The last thing I know.  My children love me and my family loves me.  It is an unconditional love, a love that embraces me and holds me so tight I feel like I’m wrapped in a warm blanket.  Tight, like a papoose.  I’m a baby that smiles and they just love me…because they do…

I love love.  I’m addicted to it and I’m living within it’s soft wrappings and trappings…and as I wind myself up in it’s warmth, I am happy and content to be the object of their affections. Ahhhhhh….So warm in my blanket.


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