Christmas Perfection

Well, it’s Christmas Day and I’m sitting here on the couch at Peter and Isaaca’s house in Nashville, Tennessee. The kids aren’t little anymore and they no longer wake us up at the Krakatoa, begging us to come into the living room to see what Santa brought them.  It’s almost 1:30 and we just finished brunch.  John isn’t even here yet and we are waiting on him so we can open what Bill’s mom used to call Christmas gifts: Ho Ho(s). Christmas is so different now. I actually had time to get up at 8:30, have two cups of coffee, check my emails and Face Book, talk to some family on the telephone, rub the cats belly while it took a nap in my lap,take a shower and wash my hair, put on my makeup, fix brunch and have a mimosa.  The presents are still under the tree,  wrapped up tight and looking lonely. But to me it’s…actually great. Maybe even perfect.

No demands, no kids squirming to get off my lap to dive into the pile of crumpled wrapping paper and empty boxes, no little candy cane sticky fingers getting caught in my hair…no whining from tired children who got up too early, no fighting over toys, and breaking toys before the day is over, no busted lips on the coffee table’s corner or spilled red punch on the couch…kids riding Big Wheels on the driveway barefooted…You know…the harried Christmas nightmare all parents endure for their children’s sakes…The horribly long day from hell that is…pretty dang perfect.

But, perfection is relative and Christmas is also about relatives and about how Jesus came to earth as the son of God who also came to be our brother and brother John is here now and once again, we will open a mountain of gifts, make a huge mess and probably spill red punch on the sofa.  But hey, it’s Christmas, right?  Take in a deep breath of joy and hold it for a moment.  Now, let it out slowly. Feel that?  Goes straight down to your toes!


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  1. Susan Groenwald
    Dec 26, 2011 @ 17:00:42

    Donna, what a great Christmas blog! Thanks so much for sharing Izzy with us this Christmas — I’m sure it made it different for you and that she was missed from your celebration. But she made ours so special. I think we wore her out (at least we were worn out!) but she was quite the trooper going to all the parties and family gatherings. We were hoping to do some facetime with y’all, but we couldn’t get a signal at my Mom’s.
    We are getting ready to send Izzy on the road on her way home to you and the rest of the Byrd’s. 2012 is goig to be a great year

    Warmest wishes for a Happy New Year. Hope to see you soon.



    • themuseinme
      Jan 02, 2012 @ 03:15:51

      Susan. Thanks for the kind comments. I’m enjoying the writing and this is the season to up happy memories. Thanks for taking care of our Izzy. She loved spending the time with you and Keith and your families. It’s time for her to start making new traditions with Peter and new family members. Thanks for taking good care of her. We were here waiting for her when she returned. I believe it was the longest trip she had driven on her own. We were all proud of her. We hated to miss Peter this Christmas, but understand that’s how the music industry is. You have to go where it takes you. I’m keeping her company this week while Peter is gone. I’m loving the time with her and the other children.

      Hope this year is filled with happiness and blessings for you and Keith. Maybe we can see you soon!




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